Test Fitting Instructions

June 21, 2022

Test Fitting 




***Any product damaged, driven on, or used is not returnable (includes mounted tires on Wheel Only orders)***


Firmly hand tighten the lugs to secure the wheel for test fitting. 



Professional Installation Recommended 


Basic Fitment

Confirm the studs line up with the bolt pattern & that the wheel fits flat on the mounting surface. 


Test fit every lug by hand to make sure the threading lines up with your studs. 


Brake Caliper/Inner Valve Stem/

Wheel Weight Clearance

Visually inspect the wheel to confirm there is no contact with the caliper, inner valve stem, or wheel weights (if balanced). 


Slowly spin the wheel by hand & make sure every section has enough clearance.


Lower the Vehicle

Place cardboard under the front tires and lower your vehicle. This will protect the tire in the next step when turning your wheel. If items show signs of being driven on or visible damage, they cannot be returned. 


Suspension/Fender/Wheel Well Clearance

Once your tires are on the cardboard, check for fender, suspension and overall clearance of each wheel & tire. 


Grab a friend and have them slowly turn the steering wheel fully to the left as you verify clearance along the way. Keep an eye on tire clearance as well as any possible contact with the suspension components. 


Repeat while turning to the right. 


Note: Suspension will compress while driving which may change the overall clearance. 


Finalize your installation before driving by fully torquing the lugs to vehicle specs using hand tools.