Discover how everything started with one car and one driver with his hopes & dreams impacting millions of people across the country.

The SD Wheel Standard & Philosophy

“To Instill Drivers With Status, Recognition, & Uniqueness on the Road.”

We love vehicles and strive to make your vehicle unique, different, and personalized to your style. We want you to stand out the next time you drive down. Your ride will NEVER go unnoticed again, dropping jaws and turning heads at each turn. Gain recognition from friends, family, community members, and other enthusiasts with the right build. That all might seem like something out of a dream, but with the help of SD Wheel it can become an everyday reality which is why millions of people just like you have entrusted us to enhance their ride.

“Providing World-Class Knowledge, Service, and Wheels.”

We are well known for our first-class knowledge, service, and wheels. Our service standard is what allows us to help enthusiasts like you find the perfect wheels, tires, or suspension set up for your ride. We are committed to providing support to all current and future customers, you can count on our experts to be there whenever you need them!

“At Our Core is Integrity & Responsibility for Everything that we do.”

From the shop mechanics to the CEO, everyone at SD wheel holds themselves and one another to an integral set of morals. Our team takes full responsibility of the service and product quality to ensure full satisfaction for each and every customer. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

The SD Story

Steve Hamilton, the Founder of SD Wheel decided to drive on the road less traveled over 15 years ago and that's what made all the difference on his journey. Starting from humble beginnings he's truly become an embodiment of the American Dream, the ideal that every US citizen strives towards with an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.

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Why Is SD Wheel The #1 Leading Custom Wheel Brand In The World?

Award Winning

We are the highest rated by customers just like you as the leading distributor behind the world's most iconic brands. We've been accredited with Better Business Bureau A+ rating and multiple awards.

Leading Guarantee

We partner with the top brands in the world, offering warranties on product that we stand behind. The warranties offer a lifetime structural guarantee, 1 year finish warranty, and safety guarantees against any defect. You can buy with confidence, knowing that you'll be taken care of long after you receive your package.

Save Money & Time

SD Wheel is the lowest priced leader with the fastest shipping in the world! If you find something cheaper elsewhere, let us know! We'll do our best to match or even BEAT that price for you. We have implemented a top notch inventory management system to ensure backorders are minimal. So when your order is placed, everything will come to you mounted, balanced, and ready to bolt onto your vehicle with the correct fitment!

Superior Service

We care about you and your vehicle and would never sell you something we wouldn't have on our vehicles. Whether this is your first time or you're our returning customer, we believe in sharing everything you need to know so that you make the best-informed decision about all your vehicle needs even if you decide not to buy from us.

Get the world’s highest reviewed and award-winning wheels/tires/lift kits for the ideal fit with a full 30-day money back guarantee. We are the ONLY company to offer an SD Wheel “Perfect Drive” guarantee. Doesn’t fit? Within 30 days, we’ll take it back!

***Must confirm your vehicle fit & purchase with our enthusiast team via live chat or email to qualify. Other exclusions apply.

Whether this is your first time or your 5th time

Turn your dream vehicle build into a reality with the perfect wheel/tire/lift kit fit through our easy & streamlined process while saving yourself a ton of time & money in three easy steps.

1. Add Your Vehicle

Let's start by personalize your vehicle upgrade experience in just a few simple steps.

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2. Build Your Dream Package

Turn your dream build into a reality in just a few clicks with our easy browse features.

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3. Receive Your Complete Package

We'll even cover your shipping so you don't pay a dime. All you have to do is install and get ready for a perfect drive!

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Save Time

Build your perfect package online and order with confidence knowing the products will be readily available and that you are getting the best price possible. Our fitment guarantee ensures that the package you receive within 14 days of your order will be ready to install.

Save Money

Instead of wasting your hard earned money on other websites with long back orders, shipping costs and delays, and installation fees, shop with SD wheel. We are the low price leader that offers free shipping, mounting, and balancing along with package deals that can amount to $100's or $1,000's of savings.

Ride in Style

With thousands of reputable brands available through SD, you can complete your dream build in confidence. Our fitment guarantee assures that your purchase will arrive ready for installation. Whether you're looking for the perfect wheels, tires, or suspension for your ride, SD Wheel delivers.

Everything you need to know about vehicles by SD Wheel's top enthusiasts.

Watch us turn dream vehicles into a reality and answer your most popular vehicle questions with fun and entertaining videos all while learning from this one-stop shop.


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