Black Ford Super Duty Pickup with OE Replica Wheels Parked on Driveway

Are OE Replica Wheels Worth It?

If you're in the market for a new setup, there are thousands of new unique wheels styles that you could throw on your truck, car, and SUV to level up the look and performance of your ride. Check out our blog to find out if OE replica wheels are for you.

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What Are My Factory Sizes?

Not sure how to start your OE replica journey? It's important to know your stock wheel and tire sizes before you start looking around. Knowing these sizes will help you plan out the perfect wheel and tire package for your ride. Find your factory specs here!

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What Fits My Vehicle?

Let us make finding the perfect wheel and tire sizes for your vehicle the easiest thing you do today. With the SD Wheel Fitment Calculator, you can find your ideal wheel and tire setup by simply entering your year, make, and model. We'll pull all the wheel and tire sizes that fit your exact vehicle and show you basic fitment information, like the bolt pattern and center bore.

What are OEM Replica Wheels?

OE replica describes wheels that are “replicated” based on the wheel design of original equipment (OE) wheels—just as the name suggests. In other words, the wheels that came on your car or truck from the factory are called “original equipment wheels” or OE wheels, so when an aftermarket wheel company makes new wheels that look very similar to them, they’re called OE replicas wheels. Even though OE replica wheels look similar to original equipment wheels, minor changes are made to differentiate them from OE wheels.

Why buy OEM Replica Wheels?

OE replica wheels are a popular choice among enthusiasts and daily drivers for several reasons. Suppose you have to replace the set of wheels that came on your truck from the manufacturer because of some noticeable chipping. In this case, most people choose to get OE replica wheels because they look almost identical but are generally cheaper to replace. Let’s say that you like the look of your OE wheels, but you want to run a bigger size with some bigger wheels. This is another case where OE replica wheels are usually the go-to because more sizes are available. You can get the classic look of your OE wheels in bigger sizes that fit your needs without breaking the bank.

Where to buy OEM Replica Wheels?

Here at SD Wheel, we offer a vast selection of OE replica wheels for cars, trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps. One of our most popular OE replica wheel brands is Factory Reproductions. They offer a sweet selection of OE replica wheels for cars and trucks, like the FR70 inspired by the Dodge Hellcat, the FR75 inspired by the Jeep Trackhawk, and the FR47 inspired by the GMC Sierra. Don’t forget that we offer free mounting, balancing, and shipping when you package your OE replica wheels with tires, and we have guaranteed delivery dates in as little as 7 days on select packages. If you want to spread out your payments, you can with as low as 0% APR financing through Affirm. Start exploring OE replica wheels today and get your ride set up right!