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Mercedes C-Class Fitment Guide

January 27, 2021

C-Class C300


So, you own a Mercedes C-Class and you're looking to get set up with some new wheels, tires, and suspension. We've put together a list of fitment options for those who need a solid place to start. In this fitment guide, we will focus on the 3rd generation C-Class, which covers the years 2007 to 2014. 


Mercedes C-Class C300


If you have an AMG C-Class or have bigger brakes, you'll want to make sure to take brake clearance into consideration when choosing your wheel/tire/suspension package. 




Table of Contents

  1. Lowering Spring Fitment
  2. Coilover Fitment
  3. Air Suspension Fitment


Fitment Information

  • Bolt Pattern:  5x112 mm (5x4.41")
  • Diameter Range:  17 - 20 Inches
  • Width Range:  7.5 - 8.5 Inches
  • Offset Range:  +35 to +53



Mercedes C-Class Lowering Springs


Lowering Spring Fitment

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Build Breakdown

We'll start with a common route that a lot of C300 owners take which is lowering springs. This 2010 Mercedes C300 Sport AWD is riding on H&R lowering springs and rocking some 18x8.5 +38 F1R F103 wheels in the gloss black finish wrapped in the 225/40 Michelin Pilot Sport tire. 


Mercedes C300 on BC Coilovers


F1R F103 Wheel Review

F1R Logo


The F1R F103 is a stunning 10 split-spoke wheel offered in a variety of sizes and four classic finishes that complement a lot of cars; Bronze, Silver, Black, and Red. With an aggressive look and the gloss black finish, a set of these could really set your car apart from the crowd.


F1R F103 wheel




Michelin Pilot Sport Review

Michelin Pilot Sport

The Michelin man never seems to let us down. The Pilot Sport is a super popular series of tires that include the Sport 4 S, the Super Sport, Sport A/S 3+, and more. It is a versatile range of tires with summer performance and all-season options. 


  • Summer and All-Season Options
  • Michelin Build Quality (always a pro)
  • 20K mileage warranty!

Michelin Pilot Sport Specs:

Price: Starting at $848

Speed Index: V

Tire Type: Performance

Warranty: 20K mileage warranty

Michelin Pilot Sport 4


H&R Lowering Spring Review

H&R logo

This C300 is lowered on some H&R lowering springs. This company has been around for over 40 years giving them extensive experience in the aftermarket suspension industry.

H&R Lowering Springs

This type of suspension is a more affordable option for those looking to upgrade their suspension and alter the appearance and handling of their car. Lowering springs are also generally an easier install compared to something like air suspension. H&R also offers other suspension products including coilovers. 





Coilover Fitment

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Mercedes C300 on BC Coilovers


Build Breakdown

For the second fitment option, we have a 2011 C300 Sport RWD running the Avant Garde M590 19x8.5 +40 in the machined finish with some 245/40 Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tires and on a suspension favorite for many, BC Racing coilovers. This fitment does have some slight rubbing at a full turn and did require the fenders to be rolled, so keep that in mind when considering this option. 

2011 Mercedes C-Class


Avant Garde M590 Review

Avant Garde Logo

Avant Garde is a company that truly pushes the boundaries of innovation with its wheel designs and function. The Avant Garde M590 wheel that this C300 sport is a classic one-piece alloy wheel featuring a 7 split-spoke design. A rather classy design that suits this C-Class very well. 


Avant Garde M590



Michelin Pilot Sport 3 Review

Michelin Tires

The Michelin Pilot Sport 3 is another ultra-high performance summer tire that was expertly designed for dry and wet grip. This is a popular summer performance tire choice for enthusiasts due to its wet and dry traction. You'll definitely see this tire as a standard for top sports cars and luxury car manufacturers. 


Michelin Pilot Sport 3


  • Excellent Wet & Dry Grip
  • Popular choice for enthusiasts!
  • 20K mileage warranty

Michelin Pilot Sport 3 Specs:

Price: Starting at $848

Speed Index: V

Tire Type: Performance

Warranty: 20K mileage warranty






BC Racing Coilovers Review

BC Coilovers

BC Racing Coilovers is a staple suspension brand known for its reliability and superior performance. BC Racing currently offers over 1100 suspension kits for numerous different applications. Whether you're looking for a more aggressive suspension kit or something comfortable for everyday driving, BC Coilovers has you covered. 


Mercedes C-Class C300on Coilovers







Air Suspension Fitment

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Build Breakdown

This fitment option is for those who are interested in installing air suspension to their C-Class. This particular AWD C-Class is running 19x8.5 Avant Garde F410 wheels in black finish with some Federal SS595 tires and air suspension.

2012 Mercedes C-Class

If you're looking for a more show-like appearance, air suspension is a popular route to take for suspension components. Keep in mind that this wheel fitment does require the fenders to be rolled but does not have rubbing or scrubbing issues as a result. 



Federal SS595 Review

Federal Tires

You've probably heard of Federal tires by now, and that's because they have quite a few popular performance tires among the enthusiast community. The Federal SS595 is one of their performance tires offered at a low price point. This tire is known for its great dry grip which is why it's a popular choice for a low-priced track tire. If you want a solid tire from a trusted brand, the Federal SS595 is your tire. 

Federal Tire


  • Excellent Dry Grip
  • High rating for comfortable rides
  • Full Manufacturer Warranty  

Federal Ss-595 Specs:

Price: Starting at $360

Speed Index: H

Tire Type: Performance

Warranty: Manufactures Warranty Only






Air Suspension Review

Air suspension seems to be a popular option across the C-Class community. This type of suspension is not for everyone, however, you can achieve a really unique look when you have more control over the height of your car. The installation of air suspension is more complicated than static suspension options, but as you can see with this C300, the payoff is worth it for someone who is going for a more aggressive look.


Mercedes C300 Air Suspension




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