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Truck Wheel and Tire Packages Under $2500!

July 1, 2022

Package #1


Aggressive Look

Great performance

Tires compliment wheels perfectly



- Loud for a daily driver.


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Wheels: Motiv Offroad Magnus 423B

Motiv Wheels Logo

Motiv Offroad Magnus

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The Motiv Offroad Magnus offers a multi-spoke design that looks great on a daily driver, show truck, or even an offroad performer. This gloss black finish will give a sleek, understated look to your truck and set you apart from the crowd.


Tires: Atturo Trail Blade XT


The Atturo Trail Blade XT is one of our most popular hybrid tires thanks to its really aggressive tread design, on-road performance, and astoundingly low cost. If you're looking for an aggressive setup on a budget, this is it!


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Package #2


- Perfect Off-Road Look

Durable Wheels

Terra Grappler G2 Provides Perfect Balance Between Pavement and Dirt



Very Simple Looking




Wheels: Panther Off-Road 580




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For a classic look, it doesn't get much better than the Panther 580. Not only do you get a renowned company with over 20 years of industry experience, but you also get an affordable starting price and plenty of options for sizes, offsets, and finishes.


Tires: Nitto Terra Grappler G2


A tire that can handle whatever you throw at it, the Terra Grappler G2 provides a quiet and comfortable ride while the deep, aggressive tread pattern provides capable off-road performance.


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Package #3


Directional Wheel Design

One of our most popular hybrid tires

Low-Cost Package



- Directional wheel designs aren't for everyone.

F150 with Vision Wheels


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Wheels: Vision Spyder

Vision Wheels Logo

Vision Spyder

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The Vision Spyder is the only directional wheel on this list. Featuring a windowed 8-spoke design and riveted lip, the Vision Spyder stands right on the fine line between an off-road wheel and a show wheel making it perfect for just about any build.


Tires: Venom Power Terra Hunter XT


The Venom Power Terra Hunter XT is another Hybrid tire. This means it combines the road comfort of an all-terrain with the off-road capability of a mud tire. Venom Power has found a way to balance this performance very well and keep costs incredibly low!




Venom Power Terra Hunter XT and Vision Spyder


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