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What Fits a 2015-2020 F-150?

November 19, 2020



So you own or you just got a 2015-2020 Ford F-150. Now it's time for the fun, you get to customize your pickup truck and make it everything that you ever wanted. But what the heck is going to fit your truck?

This guide will give you an idea of 2 different kinds of popular builds that may work for you based on your style with pictures to help you out as well. Also, be sure to check out our gallery to help you find the perfect fitment once you have an idea of what you want. Read on and check out the corresponding links to learn more.




Table of Contents

  1. Fitment Information

  2. 4-Inch Lift With 20-Inch Wheels

  3. 6-Inch Lift With 22-Inch Wheels


Fitment Information

First things first, before you even get started on this build you are going to have to know the basics of your fitment. The bolt pattern for this generation of F-150s is a 6x1135 mm/ 6x5.3” when you get wheels, be sure that they are compatible with this bolt pattern.

As far as a lift or leveling kit, you always want to make sure that is compatible with your year, make, and model as well. As you get bigger and bigger you can obviously fit larger wheels or tires, just always make sure to read the largest size tire you can get with your lift. If you are unsure, then this what fits guide will help you along the way because all three of these builds are already proven to have worked.


4-Inch Lift With 20 Inch Wheels

This gorgeous build is a head-turner. It is big and bold without being over the top. 







The wheels on this build are the Fuel Contra D615 in a 20x10 -19. This is a really popular wheel for Fuel and has become a fan favorite for them. Fuel Wheels was founded in 2009 by MHT Alloys and is one of the most entrusted names in the truck off-road wheels market. For years, Fuel has been capturing the off-road enthusiast with its designs and advances in wheels.

If you’re looking for off-road inspired wheels, look no further than Fuel Off-Road wheels. The Contra is a simplistic and clean wheel that packs a punch for your build. It is a one-piece, alloy wheel, with a 10-spoke design and covered lug nuts with a stylized center cap.

It is seen here in gloss black but is also available in matte black, and chrome finishes. This wheelset will cost you only $1,396. 




get this wheel



This build is running the Nitto Ridge Grappler in a 35x12.5 size. Nitto was founded in 1949 for enthusiasts by enthusiasts. Nitto made a name for themselves by creating tires in the sizes and styles that no one else would ever dare to do. They believe that every type of automotive enthusiast deserves the perfect tire for their use and it should be designed perfectly for it.

No matter what you use your vehicle for, do it the best with Nitto tires. The Ridge Grappler took the market by storm and became their most popular tire by far. Customers love it for its amazing ability to perform on and off-road.

Features include a quiet and comfortable ride while having fantastic traction. It has aggressive sidewalls and tread patterns /blocks that make for a tough and durable tire with great grip and it will look good all at the same time. 





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This truck is running the BDS 4-inch suspension lift. Also one of BDS’s most famous products that they sell. BDS Suspension offers high-quality suspension kits made right here in the USA. Owned by Fox Shocks, BDS has many options and add-on's to offer suspension systems for applications ranging from just looking good all the way to full coilover setups for off-roading.

This kit is perfect for those who want a good amount of lift but don’t want to go for the full show-truck build.




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6-Inch Lift With 22-Inch Wheels

The build for those who are unafraid.






The wheel on this build is the TIS 544BM in a 22x14 -76 size. TIS is also known as Twenty Inches Strong and they are an aftermarket luxury wheel manufacturer. They provide a large range of wheel designs and they specialize in luxury designs. Each wheel is crafted from metal alloys that are incredibly lightweight, give your truck a refined and expensive look with TIS.

All TIS wheels are created in accordance with strict quality standards to ensure the most durable and reliable wheel on the market. TIS 544BM is an ultra-aggressive wheel for your truck. This deep dish wheel is in the black milled finish option.

This is a one-piece alloy wheel with 8-spokes and exposed lug nuts. The 544BM is for the bold and it will make your truck stand out like no other. It is an incredibly popular wheel choice with good reason, it immediately upgrades the look of your truck.




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This truck is running the Radar Renegade R7 MT Tire in a size 34.8x12.8 inches. Made by Omni United, a tire manufacturer, and distributor based in Singapore. Radar was established in 2006, and pride themselves on being a forward-thinking company.

Offering a wide range of tires that can be used year-round or in different applications. Designed for universal fitment and unique driving styles.

Reliable tires made to cater to every type of driver. The R7 MT is a mud tire, known for its durability, and amazing traction in all conditions. This off-road tire will cost you about $1,204 for a set.




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The suspension system seen here is a 6-inch Rough Country lift. Rough Country Suspension Systems has always offered an affordable way to lift your truck, SUV, or Jeep. With lift kits for almost any make/model vehicle, you can find something to lift your truck on a budget!

In addition to your standard lift kits, Rough Country also offers upgraded shocks and recently also offering Vertex Coilover systems for select vehicles. This 6-inch lift kit will make your truck look ten times better, give you more ground clearance, and it will level the truck out. This kit is known for its long life span and smooth ride.




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