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Popular Off-Road Tire Reviews

November 8, 2020

Table of Contents

  1. Kanati Trail Hog
  2. Nitto Trail Grappler
  3. Toyo Open Country AT II
  4. AMP Terrain Attack AT A
  5. Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

Kanati Trail Hog Review

Kanati Logo

Starting off with the Kanati Trail Hog, we have a very aggressive mud tire that has kind of flown below the radar. Kanati has been around for a few years now but hasn't become as mainstream as some of the bigger companies like Nitto or BFGoodrich.

Ram 2500 Leveling Kit with Hybrid Tires

The Trail Hog is the more subtle version of the Mud Hog from Kanati and therefore will be a little more quiet and comfortable on the road. Kanati tires are known for their durable and dependable construction as well as their low price when compared to the competition. 

Kanati Trail Hog

If you're looking for a set of tires that will offer great road performance and still have plenty of capability offroad, this would be a good option. The low price is also definitely what sets the Kanati Trail Hog apart from the rest.

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Nitto Trail Grappler Review

Nitto Logo

We can't have a list of off-road tires without mentioning Nitto at some point. The Trail Grappler is the mud version of the Grappler lineup and features jagged, large tread blocks, and huge stone ejectors to help throw rocks out of the tire when you're off-roading. This increases grip on all different types of terrain. 

Silverado with Nitto Trail Grappler and 2.5 inch lift kit

If you're looking to have a comfortable ride for your daily driver, you will probably enjoy something else more than this. The Trail Grappler definitely isn't the loudest tire on the market, in fact, it's pretty quiet when compared to other tires of this type, but if you're going for comfort, you're going to want to check out an all-terrain tire instead.

Nitto Trail Grappler

Along with the awesome off-road performance of the Nitto Trail Grappler, you also get a company that has a long-standing reputation for quality and performance. Check out the Nitto Trail Grappler by clicking the button below!

Check Out the Trail Grappler

Toyo Open Country AT II Review

Toyo Tires Logo

Arguably one of the best all-terrain tires on the market right now, the Toyo Open Country AT II offers a great, comfortable ride with a more aggressive look than a standard all-season. The reason the AT II is so popular is because Toyo backs this tire with a 60,000-mile warranty depending on the size of the tire. This is where all-terrain tires tend to benefit.

Ford F150 Toyo Open Coutnry AT II Leveling Kit

Most Hybrid or Mud tires don't even come close to the mileage warranty that all-terrains can have. This is a good daily drivable tire for the person that wants a more aggressive look than stock without the added noise. Just remember that if you plan to do any heavy off-roading or towing, there are probably better options.

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Toyo Open Country AT II

But for an all-around solid tire, the Toyo Open Country AT II is hard to beat.

See the Open Country AT II Here

AMP Terrain Attack AT A Review

AMP Tires Logo

The Terrain Attack AT A is the perfect balance between a daily driving tire and an off-road performer. AMP accomplishes this by having large tread blocks on the outer edges of the tire to improve off-road grip while making the tread blocks closer together in the center of the tire to reduce road noise.

Lifted F150 with AMP TIres

The smaller gaps between the tread help the Attack AT A to maintain a comfortable and responsive ride on the pavement while the sidewall helps dig into the offroad terrain. This is among the more aggressive-looking all-terrain tires of the market and comes in at a fantastic price!

Shop AMP Terrain Attack AT A

Check out the Terrain Attack AT A

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Review

Cooper Logo

Last but certainly not least we have the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro. For those of you looking to do some hardcore off-roading, the Discoverer STT Pro is one of the most aggressive mud tires we've seen in a while. Featuring absolutely massive tread blocks and large tread voids, this tire ensures you have the most contact with the ground as possible without the risk of getting stones stuck in the tread.

Lifted Silverado 2500

This is truly one for the off-road enthusiast. Don't expect to get the quiet ride like a hybrid tire, but do expect to be hard to compete with when it comes to hitting the trails or mud.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

For most sizes, the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro comes in right around the $1300 mark and offers quite a lot of performance for the money. If you want aggression, this is the tire for you.

Check out the STT Pro

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