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Top 5 Axe Off-Road Wheels

October 19, 2020

Right now we are running a sale on all Axe wheels, you can save $200 on any of their select wheels. These are the best Axe wheels that we offer and we have lined them up in order of our top 5 Axe wheels. As always when you get a wheel and tire package you will get free mounting and balancing, free shipping and you will save money on the package as well. We also offer 0% financing on all wheels too. Keep reading to learn more!

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Axe Offroad Artemis

  2. 2. Axe Offroad AX6.2

  3. 3. Axe Offroad AX2.0

  4. 4. Axe Offroad AX1.1

  5. 5. Axe Offroad Zeus

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Who is Axe Offroad?

Founded in 1990 in London England, with the concept to produce some of the world’s best wheels. Known for their revolutionary compression forged wheels that are long-lasting, strong, and lightweight. Axe uses high-quality aluminum alloys to give their wheels an amazing blend of lightweight and strength, making them a perfect option whether you're looking for high performance or pure style. 


1. Axe Offroad Artemis

The Artemis is a one-piece, alloy wheel with exposed lug nuts. This wheel features an 8-spoke design and has the Axe logo on the center cap and along the lip of the wheel. The large windows on this wheel make it very easy to clean. This wheel is created with state of the art flow-form technology and is incredibly lightweight and strong. This leads to better acceleration and miles per gallon. Axe provides fantastic fitment and even a 12-month finish warranty with these wheels.  The Artemis is available in many sizes, bolt patterns, and offsets. You can get the Artemis in black milled, satin black, and chrome finishes. The Artemis is available for $1,120 up to $2,560. 


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2. Axe Offroad AX6.2 

Up next is the AX6.2, this is a new wheel that is sure to make your ride stand out. So if you are ready to turn some heads this is the wheel for you. This is a one-piece, alloy wheel that is compression forged. It features an 8-spoke design, with exposed lug nuts. It comes in this beautiful and vibrant candy red that will shine a mile away. It is available in 22, 24, and 26-inch diameters, 12 and 14-inch widths, and -76 and -44 millimeter offsets. These are tough, strong, light, and durable which will last you a long time and get you better miles per gallon and acceleration. Like always you will get their one-year finish warranty. You can get the AX6.2 from $2,220 to $3,720. 


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3. Axe Offroad AX2.0

Coming in at 3rd is the AX2.0. This is a one-piece, rotary forged wheel. It has an 8-spoke mesh design and has exposed lug nuts. It was introduced in 2018 in the iconic black milled finish for a very clean style. The AX2.0 is known for being light and durable. The Axe logo is featured on the center cap and on the lip of the wheel it says “compression forged” for a really nice added touch. It is available in many sizes, offsets, and bolt patterns. The AX2.0 comes in at $1,640-$3,460 and when you package it with a tire you will get free mounting and balancing, free shipping and you will save on the package. 


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4. Axe Offroad AX1.1

The AX1.1 is a one-piece rotary forged wheel with a 9-spoke design that looks clean and expensive. It features exposed lug nuts, brushed spoke accents and the words compression forged etched into the lip of the wheel. It is available in their silver finish and you can get it in 22 or 24-inch diameters and 12-inch width with a -44 offset. You can get it in many different bolt patterns for different vehicles. The AX1.1 will cost you $2,080-$2,680 and as always you can save when you get a wheel and tire package. This lightweight, high-quality wheel also has the 12-month finish warranty that Axe offers on all of their wheels. 


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5. Axe Offroad Zeus

Last but definitely not least is the Axe Offroad Zeus wheel. Introduced in 2018, the Zeus is a one-piece, alloy wheel with a 10-spoke design and exposed lug nuts. The only finish this wheel is offered in is the black milled finish making it perfect for almost any vehicle build. This wheel features a gorgeous center cap with the Axe logo and then the Axe Off-Road logo along the lip of the wheel as well. It is offered in 20 and 22-inch diameters, 10 and 12-inch widths, and -19 and -44 millimeter offsets. You can get the Zeus in a multitude of bolt patterns for different vehicles. The Zeus is available for $1,120-$1,500. 


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