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Who is Wicked Off-Road?

October 6, 2020

Wicked Off-Road has made quite the name for themselves already and we are here to tell you all about them! 


Wicked Offroad Silverado

Wicked Off-Road, is a new aftermarket wheel company specializing in the off-roading industry. Meaning that they create wheels that will be tough enough to be taken off the road and into rough terrain. Their wheels will fit many SUVs and trucks, as that is their target market for this industry. Their designs are bold and aggressive, which is perfect again for the off-roading style wheel. They look tough and mean.

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However, it isn't just the way that they look that is tough, these wheels will also be very durable and able to withstand anything that is thrown their way. They will look and perform great on and off-road, so even if you aren't an avid off-roading expert, these wheels look so great you can just put them on your daily vehicle anyway and know that they are just really amazing wheels. Wicked is known for its unique styling and industry-exclusive color options. Wicked was created by those that started Havok Wheels, which is another really great and renowned aftermarket truck wheel company. 

Wicked Offroad F150

Top 3 Wicked Off-Road Wheels

1. W909

Wicked Offroad W909

The W909 is a one-piece alloy wheel with 8-spokes. It is in a mesh-style and was introduced this year in 2020. The W909 is available in satin or gloss black finishes and many bolt patterns. It is only available in a 20-inch diameter, but you can get it in a 9 or 10-inch width and there are quite a few offset options. You can get a set of the W909 for as low as $896.

Get the W909 Here!

Wicked Offroad Wheels Silverado

2. W903 

Wicked Offroad W903

The W903 is a one-piece, alloy wheel with 7 spokes and exposed lug nuts. This is also a mesh style wheel, and it again was introduced in 2020. The W903 comes in black milled or satin black finishes and 20 or 22-inch diameters. You can get it in 10 or 12-inch diameters and -44, -24 and -12 mm offsets as well as many bolt patterns. The W903 comes in as low as $896 again for a set, which is such an awesome price. 

Get the W903 Here!

Wicked Offroad F150

3. W905

Wicked Offroad W905

The last one to wrap this up is the W905 wheel. This is a one-piece alloy wheel with 8 spokes and exposed lug nuts. This wheel has a more classic look with just the 8 spokes coming from the center outwards and the large windows. The W905 can be found in black milled or satin black with the most popular option is the black milled. This wheel was also just introduced in 2020. It only comes in a 20-inch diameter, but you can snag it with a 9 or 10-inch width and a -24, -12 or 0 mm offset. Again with many bolt pattern options, this will fit a variety of vehicles. 

Get the W905 Here!

Wicked Offroad W905 Silverado