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Can You Lift an SUV?

September 17, 2020

In this blog, we will be going over if you can lift an SUV or not. 

Is it Possible to Lift an SUV?




In short, yes it is possible. However, we are going to go through the nuances of lifting an SUV if you have never done it before. The important part though is that it is possible for you to lift an SUV and get the ground clearance, smooth ride, and the look that you want for your vehicle. 




What Kind of Suspension Should I Get?




For SUVs, you can get a  leveling kit or a lift kit. If you are choosing to try out a different suspension option, think about both of these options. We go in-depth a little more on the difference between a lift and a leveling kit in our last blog here. A leveling kit essentially does exactly as it says, it levels the vehicle out. A stock vehicle has a natural lift just in the back, usually about two inches, this is called the rake of the vehicle. A leveling kit will add about two inches to the front of the vehicle to level that out and make it even. If you want something a little bigger than a leveling kit provides then we recommend you do a suspension lift rather than a body lift. The most common choice for an SUV lift is a two-inch lift which would raise the back two inches and the front around four inches so the whole vehicle will be raised two inches. If you choose to, you can go bigger than that though, just do your research on how it will affect the SUVs handling and performance so you can be prepared. As stated above a two-inch lift is the most common but no matter what you choose to do it will make your SUV look great and be able to handle a lot of different terrains. 



Some of our most popular brands for suspension areProRYDE and SUPERLIFT







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