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How to Clean Your Wheels

August 26, 2020

You've found the perfect wheels for your vehicle! You put them on and now you're rolling in style. But unfortunately, they only stay looking brand new for a short period of time before the road grime, dust, and dirty starts to go all over wheels. Today we'll show you how you can properly clean your wheels and keep them looking like new!

Jeep Wrangler with Vision Rocker

1. Get Supplies

First things first. You're going to need some supplies to clean your wheels. Some basics include:

  • Water Hose
  • Microfiber Towels
  • Wash Mitt
  • Wheel Cleaner
  • Tire Shine
  • Long Handled Brush (optional)

If you don't have any of these supplies, don't worry! We actually have numerous kits available that will have everything you need to clean your wheels, tires, paint, and interior! Our KARBON cleaning kits provide an amazing shine and great protection for your vehicle while keeping costs low!

Axe Offroad Ax2.1

2. Spray Your Wheels and Tires

Start with spraying your wheels, wheel wells, and tires down with water. The purpose of this is to remove any loose dirt or other grime that may be sitting on the surface. Spraying the wheel wells will remove excess dirt that may fall and get onto your wheels right after clean, which is less than ideal.


3. Apply Product

Next, apply your KARBON vehicle wash using a wash mitt to your entire wheel and tire surface. Make sure to coat generously.


4. Scrub Your Wheels

Now you're ready to start scrubbing the product into your wheels. Using your wash mitt, make sure to get into all of the tight spaces and behind the spokes of the wheel. It wouldn't hurt to scrub the brake caliper as well since you're already cleaning everything around. Make sure to take your time with this step; the more detailed you get, the better your wheels will look in the end.


5. Clean Wheel Wells (optional)

Next, go ahead and take your long brush and scrub the wheel wells until you don't see any more dirt hiding on the surface.

Bagged Lecus

6. Rinse

Now you're good to start rinsing everything off! Take your hose and rinse your wheels, tires, and wheel wells until you no longer see any soap. By this time, you should already see a pretty noticeable difference in the shine and clarity of your wheels. Feel free to be generous with this step to make sure all of the soap is removed.


7. Dry and Apply

Finally, you're good to take your microfiber towel and wipe the wheels down until they're completely dry. Be sure to get into the tough to reach spots too because if you drive while there's still water on your wheels, they can pick up dirt much easier and spray it onto your paint. Finally, go around your tire with tire shine and use your quick detailing spray to give your wheels a better shine and added protection.