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Best Budget Tires for Honda CR-V

August 26, 2020

If you're looking for a decent tire without breaking the bank, then this is the blog for you. These tires vary in the environment they're designed for. We've picked one Performance, one All-Season, and one Winter tire  that way you know that there are more budget-friendly options available. No matter what you use your Honda CR-V for, one of these tires will meet your needs!

1. Achilles ATR Sport 2

Achilles ATR Sport 2

Starting with the best budget performance tire, we picked the Achilles ATR Sport 2. This tire has been incredibly popular on everything from cars to SUVs which makes it perfect for your CR-V! This tire is designed to only be used in a summer climate and will give you a lot of steering feedback and great braking performance when compared to a standard all-season tire. This means that you can react quickly to unexpected situations and keep you and your passengers safe. Performance tires offer the most summer grip but fall short in inclement weather like snow or ice. The ATR Sport 2 is the perfect entry-level performance tire.

Honda CR-V Achilles ATR Sport 2

Get the ATR Sport 2

2. Vercelli Strada I

Vercelli Strada I

Next we have the Vercelli Strada 1 which is our all-season pick. If you're looking for a quiet, comfortable, budget-friendly tire that will be perfect for your daily commute, the Vercelli Strada 1 checks all of these boxes. This tire will give you the performance and comfort you look for in a daily driving tire for your Honda CR-V. The Strada I offers a quiet ride thanks to its unique tread design and will perform fairly well in the rain thanks to many evacuation channels throughout its tread. They come with a full manufacturer warranty and the best part is that you can usually grab a set for less than $500!

Honda CR-V with Aftermarket Wheels

Get the Strada I

3. Nexen Winguard Winspike WH62

Nexen Winguard Winspike WH62

Finally, if you live in a place with a winter climate, you're going to need a tire that will be able to handle all of the snow and ice you're going to encounter. Of course, our goal is to find the lowest cost possible for winter performance. The Nexen Winguard Winspike WH62 is one of the best bang for your buck winter tires. Nexen has been the underdog for a little while but has been creating some awesome tires at very low prices. This tire has deep tread grooves, plenty of siping for snow traction, and is even setup to run tire studs if you live in a place that allows them.

Honda CR-V with aftermarket wheels

Buy the Winspike WH62

There you have it! Our favorite budget tires for the Honda CR-V! Check out more of our blogs by clicking the button below!