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Best Wheel Cleaner

August 26, 2020

The KARBON Shine products are the best on the market and we stand by them. The Ultimate Shine Kit by KARBON is the very best shine kit available if you are looking to keep your car looking good as new. 

KARBON Ultimate Shine Kit

KARBON Shine Kit

Included in the KARBON Ultimate Shine Kit:

  • Quick Exterior Detail Spray
    • Polymer and Carnauba liquid spray with natural Hemp seed oil. Specially formulated wax with no solvents for the best shine. Can be used on any painted surface. Shake well, apply to the entire wheel, use a clean microfiber towel to wipe wax in the surface, and cover all wheels. Use a second microfiber towel to dry and buff again for the perfect shine. 
  • High Gloss Liquid Wax
    • Provides strong exterior protection to painted and gel coated surfaces. Nano/ Amino functional polymers combined, Hemp seed oils, and Brazilian Carnauba wax offer unmatched security against UV rays and salt degradation. 
  • Carnauba Paint Sealant
    • Also provides surface protection to painted and gel coat surfaces. Crystalline polymers combined with 100% Carnauba wax will also protect against salt and UV rays. Very easy to apply, you can use hand or machine application. Removes easily and creates a glossy, mirror-like finish and lasting protection. 
  • High Foam Vehicle Wash
    • To use just add a cap full of soap per every gallon of water used. Rinse the vehicle, then wash with a sponge or towel. Rinse and try with a towel or chamois cloth. 
  • Jet Black Rubber Renew
    • Blend of synthetic polymers. Penetrates quickly and will not leave a greasy residue to attract dust and soil. Spray onto the sidewall of the tire, let the spray soak, dab off any excess. 
  • Mirror Finish Metal Polish (for polished wheels)
    • Works best on chrome and billet aluminum wheels. Apply to a terry cloth towel, buff out until you get a grey or black residue. The darker the towel, the better the shine. Once you are done buffing, then wipe down with a clean towel. Repeat until you attain your desired shine. 
  • 4 Microfibers
  • Wash Mitt

All of the products in this kit are of the highest quality. This retails for $119 and will ship anywhere in the United States for free. 


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