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Firestone All Season Tire Review

August 20, 2020

All-season tires are a must for many of us. Today we will be going over the pros and cons of the Firestone All Season tire so that you can see if it is a fit for you and your vehicle. 

1. Design

Firestone All Season Tire

The design of the Firestone All Season tire is a pretty standard design for an all-season tire. It has a silica enhanced all-season tread compound, with deeper grooves for dry and wet surfaces. The All Season tire is an update on their previous tire, the FR710. It has a symmetric design for easy rotation and features 4 circumferential grooves that will help to guide water through the tire's footprint. This will help to create a pleasant driving experience in wet conditions which can be dangerous with other tires. Depending on the size, the tire may feature a one or two-ply polyester body casing beneath two wide steel belts with spiral-wrapped nylon reinforcement for sturdiness and resistance. The All Season tire has a great size range. It comes in 14-20 inch sizes and will fit an assortment of vehicles. 

Firestone All Season Tire

2. Performance

Firestone All Season Tire

The performance of a tire should not be taken lightly, especially on an all-season tire that promises a lot. The Firestone All Season tire has low rolling resistance which is great for fuel economy and your wallet. The All Season drives smooth and easy on dry pavement with exceptional traction and handling. Though this tire is made for safety in dry and wet conditions, compared to other all-season tires it is said the Firestone All Season does not perform as well as others on wet pavement. It isn't bad on wet surfaces but could be better. In light snow, it does seem to perform safely but it is not recommended for deep snow. We recommend looking at our winter tires for deep snow driving. The All Season is known for its long tread life and Firestone is so confident in their tires that they will give you a 5 year or 65,000-mile warranty on the tires as well. 

Firestone All-Season Tire

3. Price

Firestone All Season Tire

Now that we know the design and performance of this tire, let's get to the best part, price. The Firestone All Season is a great bang for your buck. Prices start as low as $496 for a set, coming to as low as $124 per tire. Firestone is known for its great prices and quality of their tries. They strive to create a safe and enjoyable driving experience for an affordable price.