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Before You Buy: Cooper Evolution Tour Review

July 29, 2020

If you need an all-season tire for your SUV or car, Cooper tires has come up with a fantastic option and today we'll take a look at it. Here's our in-depth look at the Cooper Evolution Tour!


1. Design

Cooper Evolution Tour

We'll start with the design of the Cooper Evolution Tour. Looking at the tread styling the Evolution Tour looks like your standard all-season tire with tons of contact points with varying tread block shapes. There are four evacuation channels that run the length of the tire which is nice to see since a lot of tires only incorporate three. There's also quite a bit of siping throughout the entire tire which is always attractive to anyone that has a winter climate sometime during the year. Finally, the sidewall looks great. It's not super flashy but the text on the side gives the tire a sporty feel.

Chevrolet Cruze Cooper Evolution Tour


2. Performance

Cooper Evolution Tour

As far as performance goes, we touched on the multiple contact points from the tread blocks. This gives the Cooper Evolution Tour great dry and wet handling with a good amount of steering response. With there being so many small tread blocks as opposed to a few large ones, Cooper is able to keep comfort high and road noise low. The water evacuation channels will greatly improve the wet handling and the abundant siping will allow the Evolution Tour to take on light snow applications as well. This tire would be perfect for your daily driver as it stays smooth, quiet, and responsive in wet and dry conditions as well as highway speeds.

Nissan Versa Cooper Evolution Tour


3. Price

BMW E30 Cooper Tires

Finally, let's talk about price. Depending on size, you can usually pick up a set of Cooper Evolution Tour tires for under $700. This is a very low price for a tire that's as smooth, comfortable, and capable as this which is why we think it's become so popular so fast. Cooper has knocked it out of the park with this one!