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Before You Buy: Gladiator XComp MT

June 24, 2020

Gladiator is known for having a great looking and durable tire. Today we'll look at one of their most popular models, the XComp MT.


Gladiator Logo

1. The Design

We'll start off with the design of the XComp MT. As you can see, this is a very rugged and super aggressive design that would complete the look to any hardcore off-road build. Starting with the tread design, you'll notice very large tread blocks with deep voids. The large blocks will give the tire plenty of contact with the terrain below while giving a very mean look. You'll also notice a bit of siping on each block. If you don't know what sipes are, they're the little lines that are cut into the top of the tread blocks. These are designed to pick up small amount of snow or other terrain to help the tire grip better. Moving to the sidewall, there are very large shoulder lugs that seem to have a jagged, sharp design that not only looks awesome but gives the Gladiator XComp MT a look that can't be mistaken.


Gladiator XComp MTGladiator XComp MT Jeep


2. Performance

The Gladiator XComp MT is a pretty impressive tire for off-road activities but if you plan on using this on your daily driver, be prepared for a good amount of road noise because at the end of the day, this is a mud tire. There also isn't all that much siping so it may struggle a little bit in snow or heavy rain. However, if you take your vehicle to the trails, the XComp MT will likely push through just about anything you throw at it. This tire is known for being very durable and having fantastic off-road performance even in the roughest conditions thanks to it's large tread blocks, deep tread voids, and aggressive sidewall that seems to bite the ground below.


2015 F150 Gladiator XComp MT2015 F150 Gladiator XComp MT


3. Verdict

If you're looking for the most off-road performance on a budget, the Gladiator XComp MT is a great option. It has fantastic off-road capabilities and a design that certainly looks the part. Pair that with Gladiator's reputation for durability and you have one beast of a tire. As far as pricing, you can expect to spend around $1000 for a set of these tires which is a good bargain considering a lot of the competition sits around the $1400 mark. We highly recommend the Gladiator XComp MT for all of your off-road activities.

Gladiator XComp MT SilveradoGladiator XComp MT Silverado