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Top RBP Wheels

April 6, 2020

1. 74R Silencer

RBP SilencerRBP 74R Ram

The RBP Silencer is the most popular RBP wheel here at SD Wheel. This beautiful multi-spoke wheel has a deep lip and jagged spokes with milled accents. We love how the milled accents run down the middle of each spoke. This wheel also features covered lugs for a simple, clean look. The 74R Silencer is available in Black, Black Milled, and chrome finishes and comes in the following sizes:

  • 20x10 -25
  • 20x10 +10
  • 20x10 -12
  • 20x10 0
  • 20x12 -44 
  • 22x12 -44


2. 73R Atomic

RBP AtomicRBP 73R F250

The RBP Atomic is a convex wheel which is kind of cool to see when most wheels are concave. The Atomic has a split eight spoke design that almost gives it a mesh style look. Like the Silencer, this wheel also has covered lugs so if you're going for a subtle look, this would be a great option. The RBP Atomic is available in Black, Black Milled, and Chrome finishes with sizes ranging from 20x9 all the way to 24x14! This wheel starts around $872 for a set of 4.


3. 75R Battalion

RBP BattalionRBP 75R Silverado

Next we have the RBP Battalion. This is a very aggressive wheel that will be perfect for anyone with an aggressive build. It boasts a split seven spoke design that makes this wheel appear very busy. But in the Battalion's case, it definitely can pull off the look. With subtle milled accents on every other spoke, these wheels throw a little bit of contrastic color to the design which helps the wheel look even more sharp. This wheel comes with the same finishes options as the other two and comes in a 20x9 all the way to a 22x12 giving you a wide range of options. Grab the RBP Battalion for as low as $848!


4. 87R Blade

RBP BladeRBP 87R

Now on to the 87R Blade. This is another really aggressive wheel from RBP. It has a split six spoke design with small accent spokes in between which make this wheel really pop. You may notice that this is another convex wheel as the center is raised and then falls back towards the lip. This is also one of the two wheels on this lip that features rivets so if you're going for the rugged look, the RBP Blade will have the design you're looking for.


5. 64R Widow

RBP WidowRBP 64R Silverado

Finally, we have the RBP 64R Widow. The Widow has a very unique spoke design. As you can see, the spokes start on the lip accompanied by rivets. The spokes then cave in towards the center of the wheel. It's a pretty interesting design that you don't see all that often. The milling on this wheel is also very aggressive and gives new depth to the wheel. You can grab a set of RBP Widows for about $960 a set.