Nitto Ridge Grappler vs BFGoodrich T/A K02

April 25, 2022

Is the Nitto Ridge Grappler or BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 A Better Tire?

If you're in the market for a new off-road tire, you've got plenty of options at your disposal. Some of our favorites include both the Nitto Ridge Grappler and the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2, both of which can offer you great traction, excellent comfort, and precise handling in any condition. Today, we'll be showing you some further information about each to help you find the best tire for your driving needs!


Table of Contents:

- Nitto Ridge Grappler

   - Overview

   - Road Noise

   - Performance and Design

- BFGoodrich T/A K02

    - Overview

    - Road Noise

    - Performance and Design



Nitto Ridge Grappler

Ford F150


Nitto Ridge Grappler Overview

The Nitto Ridge Grappler is our most popular tire to date, with almost 1,000 units sold in the past year. With a design that’s based on Nitto’s all-terrain platform, this tire provides the on-road comfort needed for daily driving while offering the off-road performance of a mud-terrain tire.


Is the Nitto Ridge Grappler Quiet?

Designed with no compromises in mind, the Ridge Grappler features a dynamic hybrid tread pattern that provides a quiet ride (relative to comparable tires) when on road. This isn’t just fancy industry jargon either. Nitto utilized advanced sound equipment when developing this tire to ensure a comfortable driving experience without sacrificing traction in demanding environments.


Top Performance and Design Features of the Nitto Ridge Grappler

-Excellent grip and traction in a wide variety of environments from the dry pavement, to muddy fields.

-Choose from an aggressive sidewall with thick lugs to improve traction or a less aggressive sidewall for a sleeker look.

-Nitto has been in business for over 70 years ago and makes some of the best tires in the industry.

-All Ridge Grapplers come with a limited manufacturer's warranty that protects against defects.







BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A K02

Ford Ranger with BFGoodrich KO2


BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Overview

The T/A KO2 does have less aggressive styling than the Ridge Grappler but that doesn't mean it's any less capable. For being an all-terrain tire, the KO2 punches well above its weight class often being compared to hybrid and mud-terrain tires when it comes to off-road performance. On-road, this tire is leagues ahead of its competitors leaving little to be desired in terms of road noise, longevity, and performance in inclement weather.


Is the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Quiet?

With all-terrain tires being notorious for excessive road noise you may be wary of this tire, but you shouldn't be. The unique tread pattern on this tire will certainly draw your attention, the interlocking lugs are unique and help play a factor in the quiet ride these tires offer. BFGoodrich utilized computer optimization techniques when designing the tread pattern of this tire to maximize performance without increasing road noise.


Top Performance Features of the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

-Excellent traction in off-road environments, including winter weather with a three-peak mountain rating to back it up.

-A 50,000 mileage warranty ensures you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

-The technology used in this tire has helped lead BFGoodrich to multiple Baja Championships.





Shop Nitto and BFGoodrich Tires At SD Wheel

Whether you go with the Nitto Ridge Grappler or the BFGoodrich KO2, you'll be in line for solid performance that can't be beaten. Feel free to browse our selection of Nitto and BFGoodrich tires at SD Wheel and shop online today - financing, free shipping, and quick delivery are all available, and when you package your new tires with a new set of rims, we'll take care of the mounting and balancing for free!







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