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Top 5 Truck Tires

May 16, 2020

5. Fury Country Hunter RT

Fury Country Hunter RTFury Country Hunter RT Silverado

Starting at number five the Fury Country Hunter RT.

The Country Hunter RT has a truly aggressive look that is great for lifted or leveled trucks and Jeeps. The RT stands for rugged terrain which means it has good off-road performance while still offering on-road comfort. This Fury is aggressively designed with large open spaces between the angular shoulder blocks to help eject mud and keep stones from getting caught. Each tread block is built with sipes to help give extra grip while the overall design is built to minimize road sound which it does well for a deep tread. It also has 3-ply construction that withstands and minimizes tread wear.

One drawback the Country Hunter has is the limited number of sizes available but falling into the mid-range price category of truck tires, the Country Hunter's price point is very reasonable at just around $1000 for a set.


4. Nitto NT420S

Nitto NT420SNitto NT420S Ram

At number four is the Nitto NT420S.

Nitto is a division of the popular Toyo Tire company and has a huge loyal following they made the NT420S for the SUV, light truck, and crossover market that is getting bigger with every passing year. Specific tires geared to this market are not plentiful but Nitto is filling the tire gap. The large outer tread blocks have a wide contact surface that grips the road securely. There is also an emphasis on effective water displacement with a deep central tread channel. Also the Nitto NT420S will give you a clean sharp look on your light truck far beyond your typical all-terrain radial.

Even though this is a great tire for overall handling it does fall short if there is snow, slush, or ice in the forecast but with the price point at around $700 a set these are definitely tires to consider.


3. Nitto Ridge Grappler

Nitto Ridge GrapplerNitto Ridge Grappler F150

Number three is the popular Nitto Ridge Grappler.

This hybrid mud all-terrain design from Nitto is for the discerning off-road enthusiast who hits the trails on the weekend but has to commute back to work on Monday. Nitto combines a tougher tread compound with an aggressive tread design, wider staggered shoulder lugs, alternating shoulder grooves, and stone ejectors for reliable off-road performance. A variable tread pitch pattern lowers road noise tremendously while lateral zigzag grooves, tapered edge blocks, and a reinforced block foundation create cornering grip. Something to mention is its ability to be a heavy hauler with an available F load rating and the ability to hold 80 psi of pressure. Many feel the Ridge Grappler is the pinnacle of hybrids.

In heavy deep mud these tires can bog down so make sure your off-roading is not too extreme. Ridge Grapplers are not the cheapest price point at right around $1400 a set but if you choose Ridge Grapplers you will own tires that have set the standard in the tire industry for long-lasting tread wear.


2. Atturo Trail Blade MT

Atturo Trail Blade MTAtturo Trail Blade MT Sierra

Coming in at number two is the Atturo Trail Blade MT.

Atturo prides itself on selling quality products in the mid-range price bracket and many flock to Atturo because it's one of the best value for the money brands. This is a true mud terrain tire with an aggressive tread depth and gripping blade design that's unique to the Atturo brand. Atturo has built-in stone-throwers between the shoulder treads that effectively kick out rocks and other debris to increase traction while the tire's alternating scalloped shoulder blocks add the lateral traction on dirt and sand.

There is some road noise with these but not as much as you would expect from tires that are so aggressive. Again one of the main attractors to Atturo is the low price point and you can get a set of Trail Blade MTs for right under $1000.


1. Federal Couragia MT

Federal Couragia MTLifted Ford Ranger Federal Couragia MT

Number one is the Federal Couragia MT.

Federal calls it their ultimate off-road tire designed to conquer the impossible. We can't make that claim but this tire does have a loyal following for its amazing price, tough look, and hardened material that conquer challenges on the trail. Its aggressive block and shoulder lug offer awesome traction on dirt, rock, mud, and gravel. Federal boasts the sloped radius gradient or SRG block design that helps keep the block stiff and enhances traction. This tire is one of the stiffest out there and that makes for masterful handling in the mud and dirt but it does create some road hum when on the pavement. The Couragia MT is one of the best-selling mid-range tires in the industry and it's easy to see why with the price point of right under 1,000.