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Wheel shine

May 20, 2020

Pinstripe Pink Instant Detailer

32.oz Pinstripe Pink instant detail spray is a complete wax protection in an easy spray formula. Protect your car's paint with real brazilian carnauba wax for 3 months. Pinstripe Pink takes the tedious work out of waxing your car. Spray is on, wipe it off!


Pinstripe Pink Instant Detailer

This painted wheel kit is ideal for painted, black, powder-coated, matte/gloss/satin wheels, and PVD Chrome (PVD is more of a powder finish than a plated chrome so this kit is ideal).

Painted Wheel Kit

KARBON Wheel Shine Kit by Killerwaxx is good for use on cars, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, planes, snowboards, etc.


The Jet Black Rubber Renew and Quick Exterior Detail Spray are in HUGE 32oz spray bottles!!!

Jet Black Rubber Renew

Did you know that there are different grades of Carnauba?

We use Grade A #1 carnauba which is 99.99% pure. We pride on the fact that we use the strongest ingredients and produce one of the strongest waxes on the market available to the general public. Other companies can pack more wax in there product, but they have to use harsh chemicals, like petroleum, which is like spreading lighter fluid all over your car,truck, or bike. No good in our book.

Carnuba Wax


The Premium Detailer's Kit consists of:

(1) - High Foam Vehicle Wash - 8 oz

(1) - Jet Black Rubber Renew - 32 oz

(1) - Quick Exterior Detail Spray - 32 oz

(2) - Spray Nozzles


Detailing Tips:


KARBON - High Foam Vehicle Wash

1. Add one cap full of soap per gallon of water. Use two caps for heavier soiled vehicles

2. Rinse vehicle well before wash to remove loose dirt and grime.

3. Wash with sponge or towel

4. Rinse well and dry with a towel or chamois cloth

5. Apply Jet Black Rubber Renew


KARBON - Jet Black Rubber Renew

1. Spray Jet Black Rubber Renew on the tire sidewall, don't worry about the over-spray onto the wheel

2. Allow the spray to soak into the rubber while using a clean towel to lightly remove the over-spray from the wheel

3. Finish all tires and wipe all wheels, now come back and dab off any excess

4. Apply Quick Exterior Detail to your painted or PVD wheels.


KARBON - Quick Exterior Detail Spray

1. Shake Well

2. Apply to the entire wheel by spraying approx 10" back from the wheel

3. Using a clean microfiber towel wipe the wax into the surface and cover all wheels

4. Now using a second dry and clean microfiber towel. Lightly buff to a killer shine!