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Top 5 20x10 Wheels Under $1000

March 14, 2020

So you want a new set of wheels but you don't want to break the bank.

Well, you're not alone!

Today we're going to cover the 5 best wheels under $1000!

1. Moto Metal MO970

Moto Metal MO970Moto Metal MO970 Ram

The Moto Metal MO970 has made it into our top lists quite a few times. 

The particular MO970 that we are talking about is the gloss black with machined face and accents.

This wheel features an 8 spoke design with a very aggressive spoke design.

One thing we love about the MO970 is how much different the wheel can look with a different offset. 

You can grab a set of Moto Metal MO970 wheels for just under $1000!

2. Ultra Hunter 203

Ultra HunterUltra Hunter F150

The Ultra Hunter is a very sharp looking wheel.

Made from one piece cast aluminum, the Hunter will prove to be a very strong wheel for years to come.

Featuring a split spoke design with milled accents this wheel will give you the aggressive, sharp look you've been looking for.

The Ultra Hunter can be yours for around $900!

3. Havok H109

Havok H109Havok H109 Ram

The Havok H109 is another split multi spoke design.

The spokes on this wheel start to jut out to a peak and dives back to the lip.

Speaking of lip, this wheel has a nice deep lip, perfect for that show truck look.

You can buy the Havok H109 for just under $1000.

4. RBP 73R Atomic

RBP 73R AtomicRBP 73R Jeep

RBP makes all of their wheels out of virgin aluminum so they are able to withstand a load of 3200 pounds.

The Atomic has an almost star-like appearance with its split multi spoke design.

This wheel also has 10 bolt patterns and a lot of different sizes, so we're sure there is one to suit your needs.

The RBP 73R Atomic comes in under $900 for a set.

5. Ultra Menace 229

Ultra MenaceUltra Menace Titan

We're now back to an 8-spoke design with a machined face.

The Ultra Menace has a black spiked inlay on each spoke to highlight the machined face.

This also brings a nice reflection onto the lip.

These wheels come in 5, 6, and 8 lug patterns.

You can have the Ultra Menace for around $700!

This has been our Top 5 20x10 Wheels Under $1000! We hope you found a set that you love because these are some of the best bang for your buck wheels on the market!