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How Your Order Is Processed

March 2, 2020

Odds are if you're watching this you put in an order with us so first off we want to say thank you

Now that you've ordered, we're going to showing you the process that takes place after you placed an order so let's get right into it.


1. Ordering Your Wheels


We stock a lot of wheels, but because there are so many combinations we can't possibly stock every wheel and tire that people order.


In that case we work hard with a manufacturer to get your order to us as quickly as we can.


This process usually takes anywhere from one to five business days.


2. Prep


Once we have the wheels and tires we start pulling your order right away.


this is where we pick your tires and wheels you ordered and get them headed to the next station.


Once your wheels arrive on the line, the first thing we do is wheel prep.


This is where we take each and every wheel and do a complete inspection with a 21-point checklist to ensure your wheel is in perfect condition and has a correct bolt pattern.


Then we install air valves or TPMS sensors.


The order then goes down the line to be mounted. This where your wheel and tire meet.


After they are mounted and then filled with air to the industry standard psi, we then roll them over to our state-of-the-art 3D laser balancers where we use the quality stick on weights or balancing beads depending on what you chose.


3. Shipping


After mounting and balancing we then take your wheels and get them ready to be shipped to you.


Their first individually wrapped with a layer of cardboard, foam packing, and plastic wrap.


This is to ensure your wheels get to you looking brand new without any scratches or abrasions.


We then stack them, band them together and wrap again tightly to prevent any damage in transit.


This is then loaded onto our trucks and you can track them while they are in route to you.


4. Pickup


After all that we then call you one day in advance of a scheduled pickup date.


This is when you personally have time to inspect your wheels and make sure they're in perfect condition.


After that they are all yours!