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Are Atturo Tires Any Good?

February 28, 2020

If you have ever cruised the internet in search of your next set of tires, you know there are a dizzying number of options and opinions.


One brand that has really made a name for itself in its 10 years of existence is Atturo tire and we will be learning a little bit more about them and answer the question:


Are Atturo tires worth it?


About Atturo

This family-owned Chicago-based company believes in being different and caters to the unique adventurous spirit of vehicle owners.


This is seen both in their culture with their impressive builds and off-road racing and in the design of their product a toro creates four distinct types of tires:


All-Terrain 80

Directional AZ

Hybrid XT

Max Traction MT


Let's talk about how Atturo tires stack up when it comes to style, performance, and cost.


1. Style

When it comes to style Atturo stands out from the rest with their aggressive, tough look.


Each tire features their patented Karambit knife design showing on the tread and/or sidewalls and gets more prominent as the aggressiveness of the tire increases.


Atturo is always looking to get their tires noticed by vehicle owners and pedestrians alike.


The Atturo style will look great on just about any setup.


2. Performance

So sure they look good, but can they perform?


Just like with any set of tires, it all depends on where you take them.


But generally customers say they perform to their expectations.


On paved surfaces, noise level on the XT, MT, and Boss tires are not overly loud for large tread tires and will stay that way if rotated regularly.


The directional tires do well on dry and damp surfaces but watch out for standing water.


The AZ 850 Evo has run-flat technology that keeps the tire drivable for up to 50 miles after a puncture.


The 80 tires seem to live up to their all-season designation but should avoid true off-roading.


In the past Atturo had many balancing issues.


But after some redesigns, these issues have been virtually eliminated.


When it comes to tread life, be diligent about rotating so you get the most tread life possible.


3. Cost

Finally we have cost.


Atturo started out as a known affordable option for aggressive tires but as they have continually improved their brand.


They have been able to rely more on their quality as a selling point.


Still, Atturo tires are some of the most affordable out there which makes them a great choice for many vehicle owners who are upgrading.


Sometimes you can save up to 30% off the cost of the more expensive brands if you buy Atturo.


So is Atturo worth it?


If you are looking for a strong style, good construction, and a great price point, then you should check out the options Atturo.