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Why People Buy OEM Wheels

February 21, 2020

It's not uncommon to want to upgrade the wheels on your ride. It can breathe new life into your vehicle and make it feel like a whole new car.


1. What are OEM Replicas?

Snowflake Replica

One of the most popular styles of wheels you can go after are OEM Replica wheels. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer.  If you, like a lot of people, want to go with a newer styled wheel or a larger diameter but maintain the factory styling and looks, this is the wheel style for you.

Your Silverado can run 22 inch Chevy Snowflake style wheels, just like the new LTZs offer.

Your Dodge Challenger can run the same wheel design that comes from the factory on the SRT Demons.

And the beauty of it all? You can upgrade the look of your ride without drawing unwanted attention to yourself.


2. Why People Love Them

Hellcat Replica

You might be wondering, why wouldn't you just buy the direct wheel style you want from Ford?

There are actually a few features that OEM Replicas have over your true OEM wheels. The biggest thing people love is that these OEM Replica wheels will come in sizes that are not typically offered from factory. Let's go back to your Chevy Snowflakes.

You love them, right?

You really love them, right?

Love them enough to get them in a 26-inch diameter?

Bold of you, but yes, you can get your Chevy Snowflakes in a 26 by 10 OEM Replica.

Diameters, widths and offsets not offered from factory are typically available through an OEM Replica. In addition to sizes, OEM Replicas will a lot of times come in finishes that aren't typically from your factory dealer. Don't expect anything crazy like green or pink, but a lot of times you'll find black and milled or chrome finishes that they don't always offer on vehicles new off the lot.

Do we dare say? Sometimes these replicas look a lot better than the originals. There, we said it.

But yes, it's true. Obviously, designs are up to personal preference on looks, but a lot of times, wheel designers need to alter a design so it isn't a copy, and so they'll tweak enough of the wheel while keeping the overall design integrity. This can mean that the spokes angle slightly different or curve a little more or have slightly different milling.

The good news is, there are plenty of OEM Replica styles and designs, so you have many options to pick from.


In Conclusion

OEM Replica wheels are incredibly popular. They offer more sizes, offsets, and finishes than a standard OEM wheel and allow the owner to give a new look to their vehicle without going overboard on styling.