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Nitto Ridge Grappler

February 19, 2020

Today, we are looking at a best-seller!

The highly reviewed Nitto Ridge Grappler!


Nitto Ridge Grappler


If you love to off-road but also need a rugged street tire then you will appreciate the Ridge Grappler it provides a seamless transition from road to terrain. Covering wheel sizes 16, 17, 18, 20, 22, 24, inches the Nitto ridge grappler is an incredible tire for your Jeep or truck

The Ridge Grappler uses technology from Nitto's popular premier road tire the Terra Grappler and technology from their beast of an off-road tire the Mud Grappler. Nitto combined these technologies and created this awesome hybrid!

If you want the performance of a mud tire, the life of an all-terrain tire, and the silence of a highway tire then this will meet your expectations.

Nitto is a trusted brand that has been around for a long time and has a consistent record of customer loyalty. They are at the forefront of creating hard-working hybrid tires that are the answer to a lot of driving situations.

When you don't want to go all in on a total mud chomping tire because you have to get to work the rest of the week in the same vehicle, this Ridge Grappler does the trick.


Nitto Ridge Grappler


Let's check out the features that make this tire so specialized.

First of all, the staggered shoulder lugs deliver strong off-road grip. These zipper shape lugs give the vehicle amazing stability for complete control because the lugs help put equal pressure on both sides of the tire they help combat uneven tire wear that can happen over time shoulder groups help clear mud and water from the tread which keeps the grip strong these are wide groups that eject debris and water from the tread quickly for safety and traction and don't forget these grooves work just as well expelling snow and slush making for a stable drive when others are just sliding around.

Whatever weather you are facing the Ridge Grappler has it handled the ingenious variable-pitch tread pattern is designed to give you a smooth quiet ride on pavement and highway. With most truck tires you can expect a good amount of road noise which creates an additional distraction for the driver. Not so with the Ridge Grappler.

The variable-pitch feature is a necessity to experience a quiet cabin. Stone ejectors are ingenious little rubber ridges actually push rocks out of the tread preventing damage to your vehicle. The ejectors guard against sharp stones drilling themselves into the tread base. No one wants to suffer a slow leak situation in the midst of creating a new trail. Nitto stone ejectors will guard against that when you're on the trail.

To make this tire truly a beast, there are lateral Z tread groups and step block edges that work in tandem to give that extra bite in any terrain. The lateral Z's are set in a zig-zag pattern to provide gripping edges for traction and the step block edges are alternating tapered edges that act like little claws that grip the asphalt or mud.

These tread patterns instill confidence in driving due to the feedback they provide through the steering wheel

Nitto gives you ways to customize your look with dual sidewall designs. You can choose from the bold traditional pattern on one side or the aggressive multi shaped pattern on the other. No matter how you want your vehicle to look, the Ridge Grappler helps you make your mark on the road.

Don't forget, the Ridge Grappler comes in either 10-ply E load rating or 12-ply F load rating depending on sizes which makes it one of the toughest tires out there on the market. The sidewalls are super tough and puncture resistant which gives peace of mind no matter where you find yourself.

Overall if you're a discerning off-road enthusiast who has to commute to work on Monday the Nitto Ridge Grappler is a tire you should seriously consider.