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Top 5 Jeep Wheels

February 14, 2020



As you've probably noticed on the roads, the Jeep industry is growing as well as the aftermarket wheel industry. We're all for it! A Wrangler with some aftermarket wheels and a lift kit always looks amazing we want to bring you the top five wheels for your Jeep so let's get right into it!


5. Fuel Beast

Fuel Beast

Coming in at number five is the Fuel Beast.


This black with machined spoke face and dark tint wheel is beautiful and a big hit! This six-spoke wheel is a 17x10 with a -18 offset meaning that the diameter is 17 inches and it's 10 inches wide. With this wheel, the lugs will be exposed and it has a 5x5 bolt pattern.


Pricing comes in at $1056 for a set of four so this wheel is a great bang for your buck!


4. Pro Comp Series 44 Syndrome

Pro Comp Series 44 Syndrome

Number four on our countdown is the Pro Comp Series 44 Syndrome. This is a 17x9 with a -12 offset.


If you're looking for a nice clean look, this satin black wheel with a simulated bead lock is a great choice! The Pro Comp Syndrome is designed using state-of-the-art, low-pressure casting to give the wheel amazing strength. Each wheel is able to hold 2,500 to 3,650 pounds depending on the application.


These lugs are exposed as well so no need to take off the cap when swapping wheels! Pricing is just $748 for a set of four! These wheels are actually the most affordable option in our top 5 list.


3. Moto Metal MO962

Moto Metal MO962

Coming in at number 3 is the Moto Metal MO962.


This wheel is made for the custom Jeep enthusiasts. They have the look the strength and the capabilities that the discerning off-road driver is looking for but have a more modern show vehicle look this gloss black with milled accents.


This wheel has eight spokes but the lugs on this one are not exposed. This gives it a sleeker more modern and stylish look.


When it comes to weight ratings they have a load rating of 2,700 pounds.


This is a 20x10 with a -24 offset giving it a nice big lip.


The larger size does make it a bit more expensive but not the most expensive on this list at $944.


2. Ballistic Rage 959

Ballistic Rage 959

The second most popular wheel is the Ballistic Rage 959.


This is another 20x10 but with a -19 offset so it still gives you a nice lip but not as quite as large as the -20 offset on the Moto Metal.


This wheel is dual grilled with 5x5 and 5x5.5 bolt patterns and you'll notice that it has a covered center cap.


This wheel is gloss black with red milled spoke edges has eight spokes and has a slight concave to it.


We see these wheels come through here a lot and we never get tired of them.


With the price of $1132, this wheel takes second place on our list.


1. Moto Metal MO970

Moto Metal MO970

The number one most popular Jeep wheel is the Moto Metal MO970.


The MO970 is available in a variety of sizes but the most common for the Jeep owners is going to be a 20x10 with a -24 offset. With that setup, you're getting a nice sized wheel with a nice sized lip.


This wheel has a lot of finishes and bolt patterns making it very common to see, but the finish that took first place is the gloss black with milled spoke faces and accents.


With a load rating of 2500 pounds, it proves that it is not just a wheel for show trucks, but it can still hold up to some off-road abuse.


It has eight spokes and no exposed lugs with bolt patterns of 5x5 and 5x5.5.


For a set of four, we're looking at $1104 and this wheel takes first place in our countdown to the most popular Jeep wheel!