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Top 5 Wheel & Tire Packages for Your Car

May 29, 2020

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Different types of cars require different types of fitment. Some classic cars probably won't be running on 20-inch wheels with camber while a show car probably won't be sitting on OEM replica wheels. With so many different styles of builds, we're going to break down the top 5 wheel and tire packages for your car!


1. Show Car Package

On show cars, a lot of people run large, multi-piece wheels. This allows for more customization of the wheel itself which provides better fitment and more finishes to choose from. 18 to 20-inch wheels paired up with slightly stretched tires are very common with this package. The large wheels in this package fill out the wheel wells more than OEM wheels and definitely look way better. Show cars tend to run all-season or summer tires for their more shallow tread and smooth, sleek design. Being that their most common use is in car shows, these cars are rarely found driving in snowy or icy conditions, so winter tires are not necessary.

Lowered CamryLowered Camry

2. Daily Driver Package

When it comes to daily drivers, we see a lot of people running cheaper cast wheels with all-season or summer tires. This package is good for someone who is looking to upgrade the appearance of their car without spending a ton of money. XXR's are very popular on a daily driver because they make stylish wheels at a very low price. Daily drivers are driven all year round so you may wanna run some all-season tires if you live somewhere like us where we see snow in the winter.

XXR Honda AccordXXR Honda Accord

3. OEM Replica Package

OEM reps are replica wheels that may have came on your car from the factory depending on the trim level. They are usually available in the same size as factory wheels. And some even come in larger diameters as well. If you wanna keep a stock look but like the wheels that may have come from other trim levels of your car, this package is great for you. People will pair these wheels with almost any kind of tire from all seasons to summer performance tires, winter tires, whatever tire fits their driving style and conditions that they drive in.

OE Replica ChargerOE Replica Charger

4. Performance Package

Next, you have the driver who is all about speed and cutting off seconds from their lap times at autocross events or even the local track. For this you're gonna want a lightweight wheel that is strong enough to take some abuse. Forged monoblock wheels are very good for this. They're very lightweight, which can help reduce rotational mass and they're very strong compared to cast wheels so they can take a little bit more abuse. Expect to see some sticky tires being used on this type of package. Toyo Proxes R888R's, and Michelin Pilot Sport 4s are very popular performance tires. Between the lightweight wheels and the sticky tires, you'll have a track-ready car in one simple package.

Scion FRS XXRLowered FRS

5. Stance Package

Last but not least, you have your stance cars. Similar to the show cars but they generally run larger wheels with low-profile tires. These packages involve a lot of stretch on the tires and often have camber to fit the wheel well without rubbing. This package is the complete opposite of the performance package. It's form over function to the max. If you're looking to stand out and turn heads at local car meets and cruises, then the Stance Package is for you!

Slammed Infiniti Q50Slammed Infiniti Q50

There You Have It

These are the Top 5 Wheel and Tire Packages for Your Car. There are a lot of different styles out there but as long as you know the kind of activities you and your car go through together, SD Wheel can help you find the perfect package to fit your lifestyle!


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