What Are The Benefits of Getting OEM Rep Wheels For Your Car?

September 13, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About OEM Rep Wheels

Let's say you're in the market for a great new set of wheels for your car, truck, or SUV, but you don't want to get a new aftermarket set that might look a bit too extra for your liking. If you like the designs that your vehicle's stock wheels bring to the table but want to upgrade their build quality a little bit, what are your options there?

You might be tempted to think that there isn't much available for you if you just want to go with the same look you've been rocking, but we're here to tell you the opposite - OEM replica wheels have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, and that's all thanks to the affordability, high quality, and familiar-yet-tasteful designs that they bring to the table, perfect for vehicles like yours. Come with us today and check out all the top features and specs that OEM replica wheels bring to the table!

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2012 Chevrolet Camaro with Factory Reproductions FR28 wheels

Are OEM Rep Wheels Better Than Stock Wheels?

Simply put, an OEM rep wheel is one that replicates the look and feel of OEM wheels while giving you an upgrade in build quality and performance. Top brands like OE Performance and Road Ready, for example, offer top-tier rep wheels that simulate the look of top models from Chevy, Ford, Cadillac, and many more, though their wheels are often built with high-quality cast aluminum alloy materials that can give you some added durability, longevity, and peace of mind on the road.

This also means that going with a rep wheel allows you the freedom to spruce up the look of your vehicle without having to make any further modifications to it. You can find a replica wheel in your specific diameter, width, and offset, and it'll be guaranteed to fit your existing setup - so, if you want an easy, premium upgrade for your vehicle without having to pay a premium price, a rep wheel is a great option.

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Will Different OEM Model Replica Wheels Fit My Car?

Yup! Each make and model out there in today's automotive market will come with a specific range of wheel fitments that it's compatible with, and all you'll need to know is which fitment range works best for your vehicle. Of course, you'll also need to know the bolt pattern for your vehicle as well - in layman's terms, a bolt pattern takes the number of lug nuts on your wheel's axle and combines that with the measurement from top to bottom of the axle. One of the most common bolt patterns for cars, for example, is 5x114.3 - this means that there are five lugs around the vehicle's wheel axle that measure 114.3 millimeters from top to bottom.

With this in mind, there's a pretty safe bet that if you have a Chevy Silverado, for example, you'll be able to match it up with a replica wheel that simulates a Cadillac Escalade design. That kind of customization is what makes reps so coveted in today's world, and it's also why we offer so many rep wheels from so many industry-leading brands.

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2020 Honda Accord Sport with OE Performance 178 wheels

What Are The Best OEM Replica Wheel Brands?

You'll find plenty of top-tier OEM replica wheels in our store, and they all bring something different to the table depending on the styles, build materials, and sizes that you're looking for. Top manufacturers like OE Performance and Factory Reproductions are great options for truck and SUV drivers, but for the most comprehensive and budget-friendly selection of rep wheels in the business, we'd definitely recommend giving Road Ready's lineup a look.

Road Ready has a deep, vast, and affordable lineup of aftermarket rep wheels that can fit any car and budget and accommodate any look, whether you're searching for a steel set of vintage-looking wheels, or want a bold and confident look that models like the Silverado and F-150 bring to the table. Road Ready wheels are both affordable and long lasting, making them a worthy option for you if you want to give your vehicle an upgrade.

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Besides Road Ready, we have a huge selection of OEM replica wheels from all of America's top brands, and all in-stock models are ready to ship to your door within 10 days of purchase if you live in the lower 48. Best yet, we know that if you're getting a new set of wheels you're probably also getting a new set of tires to match, so when you package them both together, we'll handle the mounting, balancing, and shipping for free. Check out our rep wheel inventory today and add your favorite wheels to the cart when you're ready to buy - or, feel free to contact our sales team at any time and we'll help you get set up with the right fitment for your vehicle!