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BFGoodrich TA K02 vs Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S

February 5, 2022

Tons of enthusiasts love to go offroading but can't afford two different sets of wheels and tires. These two tires are entirely different and aim towards two different crowds. We go over how different these tires are, what they offer, and where they would work best. 

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BFGoodrich TA KO2

Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S

Which Tire Should You Buy?

BFGoodrich TA KO2 Overview

The BFGoodrich TA KO2 is an all-terrain tire that focuses more on off-road use than daily driving. In comparison, the style of the TA KO2 is very subtle and not as aggressive as other off-road all-terrain tires.

BFG was the first to invent a radial offroad tire and have ever since dominated the market. BFGoodrich claims that the KO2 is their strongest tire yet.

Tread Design

BFGoodrich fortified some of the weak spots on the sidewall and shoulder. That is where 80% of failures happen on all-terrain tires.

They beefed up the shoulder area using their core guard technology to prevent this. This makes them 15 to 20% stronger than the original  BFGoodrich TA K02 tire.

Beefing up the shoulder area will also prevent punctures and all in that nature. These tires also have a stronger sidewall to prevent punctures when offroading or if any road debris hits your tire.

You will also see BFG's unique tread design on this tire. The interlocking tread locks have multiple functions and work quite well. The tread locks will give you a better grip on the surface, better handling, and an effective steering response.

The tread voids will help remove water and debris, which will follow smaller tread gaps. The larger sipes will also help clear and remove water, mud, sand, or stones. 

It's important to note the raised areas on the shoulders, which will eject mud and debris from the tire while offroading. The mountain and snowflake symbol is another cool factory you will see on this tire. This means that the tire was tested and met the requirements for snow and performance. 

Finally, road noise won't be an issue. You will still get a small amount of road noise, being the tire is an all-terrain. 


The tire is an all-terrain tire with decent snow traction but is better for off-road performance than daily driving. The tire does come with a full manufacturer warranty, and the price will start you at $738 for a set of four.


Cooper Discover AT3 4S

The Cooper Discover AT3 4S was created to provide on-road comfort and have offroad durability.

The tire offers an all-terrain tread pattern but gears more towards daily drivers and light-duty trucks/SUVs. They're very subtle and aren't as aggressive as other all-terrain tires.

Tread Design

The tread design on the Cooper AT3 4S is quite simple, and you will see that the design features open blocks with a ribbed design. This will optimize wet and dry performance on asphalt.

Within every tread block, you will see small sipes, which will help evacuate water and debris and increase your overall performance.

Moving onto the channels will help evacuate all that mud, stone, sand,  gravel, and water when you decide to go offroading on the weekend.

Those micro sipes will not only remove water from the tire to help traction, but it will help bite on edges when offroading, and it'll give you additional traction.

The outside blocks will have a sawtooth design on the inside of the block, this will help capture the snow inside the channel. In return, this will give you better traction in the snow. 

Although there may not be a lot of designs to help with offroad use, the tread design does offer stone ejector ledges to remove stones from the tires. 


The tire is an all-terrain tire but is geared more towards a daily commuter. There is little to no road noise with this tire, and the price will start you at $642 for a set of four. 

BROWSE Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S

Which tire should you buy?

BDGoodrich TA KO2

If you are looking for an all-terrain tire with an aggressive tread pattern, the BFGoodrich TA KO2 would be your best pick.

The BFG TA KO2's past is well known in the offroading community. While they aren't the best for a daily commuter tire, they will do just fine.

The tire offers a competitive price, and road noise is subtle and doesn't take away from your driving experience. 

Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S

If you are looking for a daily commuter tire with the ability to go offroading every once in a while, this tire will be your best pick between the two. 

The tire's tread is very subtle and isn't as aggressive as the KO2, and wet and dry traction is excellent on asphalt.

The tire offers a very affordable price, and the road noise is not a problem. 

Still can't decide?

Our customer support is enthusiasts like yourself. If you still don't know which tire to pick, you can always give them a call, and they will lead you in the right direction.